Sunday, November 28, 2004


So I'm a wee bit drunkywunky..

So I spent some of the evening trapped in a room with seven girly girls all straightening their hair and talking about nail polish and how many times they'd been to the gym that week and how much weight they'd lost/gained recently.

So it was fucking hell.

So I managed to escape, with the help of a campadre, to the boys' flat next door. Where we played drinking games and listened to music and talked about shit. And had fun.

So we listened to some shit-hot breaks and funk. And some beatboxing from Rahzel which has to be heard to be believed.. That guy can make amazing sounds.

So I actually had a really good evening.

MorningAfterEdit: Managed to remember to drink water before sleep last night so not hungover. No calls on the great white telephone this morning.

I seem to remember wandering around the interweb scattering comments to the wind whilst under the affluence of incahol. If you were the unfortunate recipient of my drunken rambles I apologise profusely. Now I must go drink coffee and go to the beach.

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