Sunday, November 14, 2004

moving pictures

I've been thinking about movies a lot lately. I've not been going to very many lately and this is beginning to pain me.

I used to go to perhaps a movie a week when I lived in Christchurch, there were benefits to being in a small city and living in the center of it. I had a great independant movie theatre 200m from my front door, another pseudo-non-mainstream one within 5 minutes walk, and a Rialto 5 minutes bike away.

Happy times. But now I think I've been spoilt: I can't seem to get organised/keep the enthusiasm up for the 30-45 minutes it takes to get to any of the movie theatres around here.

Yes I know it's just laziness and bad time-management but those are two of my defining traits. If I am not late for everything then I am not fishboy.

But anyway, I've uploaded to my brain-dump blog some movie lists from previous years. I seem to have mislaid last year's list and haven't collated the bits of paper pertaining to this years' so it's only from '98 to '02. But I'll add the others as (if!) I get organised.


I'll add commentary or a rating system (chocolate fish?) at some stage.
Well, almost certainly, because there are some movies that people need to be warned about.
Like 'The Avengers'
avoid avoid avoid..

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