Saturday, February 27, 2010


Just spent a lovely afternoon in the company of a couple of good friends who I haven't seen for more than a year and who are close friends of my ex as well. It's really nice to know that these friendship re-negotiations can be natural and easy and relaxed. Unfortunately they're heading back to NZ for at least six months to have a baby and stuff - but they will be back in Sydney after that, which is great.

I think the major difference in conversation between myself and this couple and the evening spent with the ones I had dinner with last weekend was that today's couple weren't afraid to talk about the break-up or ask me anything. Which had the effect of opening me up - the other couple seemed not to want to get into any talk about the breakdown of my relationship, they were almost embarrassed about it. Like it was a social faux pas and shouldn't be mentioned. Which is unfair - they probably just didn't want to pry and felt awkward to ask anything since they'd been hanging out with my ex and her new partner.

It was good to be able to chat and talk naturally with old friends. Made me realise that it doesn't have to be awkward and uncomfortable - and that I probably need to try and work harder on those that are still weird about it. Hopefully things will improve - if not then at least I know I've tried my best.

Anyway - must go for a swim then get ready to go see Tim Minchin tonight. Looking forward to a good laugh.


eroica said...

good stuff babe, i'm happy to hear that. xx

sas said...

i'm delurking from the edges to say good for you :) old friends are the best medicine for a breakup.

fishboy said...

eroica: It's been good babe. So happy about your weekend too! ;)

sas: Woah. Had a bit of a freak out when I saw your name - same as my ex! Thought I might have to get a new website... But welcome and thanks for de-lurking :)

eroica said...

haha, i had that same momentary freak out on your behalf, jeffy!