Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So I turn 40 today. Yay.

I've discovered, after an extensive 35 seconds on wikipedia, that my birthday is the official feast day of Saint Constabilis (patron saint of Castellabate - which looks like a lovely town). Significant only really because that's my last name (no, not Saint - that would be much cooler). But hey, anything to distract me from the terrible aging process. Oh my joints...

Saints seem to get a pretty raw deal in my opinion - they're supposed to come back from heaven and do miracles yeah? That's pretty much the main criteria. Which seems like a bit of a rip off - after having spent your whole life being holy and pious and abstentious and shit you still have to come back and help out even when you're dead. When do you get to put your feet up?

Ramble ramble.. I'm practicing for being old and senile.

Get off my lawn!


eroica said...

you know what?
today you're 40 and i love you as much as i did when you were a wee 32(ish?) year old and as much as i will when you're 67.
that's a promise.
thanks for making my world a much more beautiful place babe.

y said...

What Eroica said above almost makes me feel all warm and fuzzy for you.
Happy slightly belated birthday! I'll get off your lawn now.

Jen said...

oh god, I missed it! I'm sorry - was in senior purgatory. I'm back now tho and sending belated hugs and kiss and bday wishes. At least I shall arrive bearing gifts in less than 4 weeks!!!!!

fishboy said...

Thank you all :)

helena said...

Aaargh! Very belated birthday wishes! Wishing that this is the year that all your dreams come true (the good ones obviously, not the nightmares!)

And you're right about the saints pays to be wicked!