Friday, April 23, 2004

online tests

And the accuracy (or not) thereof. I enjoy doing these things because I'm a compulsive form-filler. Not that I tend to fill out forms for anyone else with any thought to giving actual factual information over. Oh no, I tend to like to fuck with statistics and spanner up any works I can get my grubby little answers into.

But online tests, since they are solely for my interest, I tend to try to be straight with. Not that this means that the personality types they give have much relation to the real me (usually only facets of my splintered psyche but they fix a point in time when I might be described that way. No-one (barring a few abject morons, perhaps some of my erstwhile workmates...) has a personality so simple that can be described so easily by a computer algorithm.

And, like IQ tests etc, the results are only indicative of a persons ability to manipulate the given system to achieve results that they like. Even when trying to be entirely honest.

This is all by way of a warning and my trying to explain away what some might consider a damningly accurate reading... I just completed the test and the results are in:

I'm a Hornivore.

Technically a Random Brutal Sex Master. (link)

A little harsh I'd say, but then can you trust me? heh heh heh...

(via Sarsparilla)

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