Wednesday, April 21, 2004

new me

So I got a new tooth.

Well, an advance on a new tooth. This stop-gap (quite literally) face-saver (ha! It'll take more than that!) that they've rammed into my mouth is supposed to hold me for 6 months upon when they'll furnish me with a new pearly-white (or dull-yellow-with-coffee-stains to match the rest at least). It's going to take some getting used to. Not the look of it, which is pretty passable unless you look closely or manage to glimpse the stitching around the gum.

It's that my mouth doesn't close properly anymore. The bridge behind the tooth prevents my front teeth from meeting where they normally would so my mouth can't close fully, the molars don't meet and there's no relaxing way of holding my jaw. I'm sure it'll come right in time - my face will get used to it and the muscles will develop to do whatever is necessary. But in the meantime I feel like a mouth-breather.

And my speech is different. Probably not noticable to anyone else (especially those who don't know me) but I feel like I'm slurring a lot more than I used to ('cept maybe after a few gins, and I guess that wasn't exactly an unusual occurrence...).

Kissing feels different too. Clumsier. Bah. Probably just paranoia... I hope! (One of the best complements I've been given in recent years was from one of my now-lesbian ex-girlfriends (yes there are a few, stories for another day perhaps...) who said I was the best kisser that she'd ever met. It's always nice to have something to imagine that you're good at, and distressing when considering that the source of your powers might have been that magic tooth... Snort)

Meh. I'm just rambling, life's pretty damn good right now. Ignore the angst, it's not indicative of my mood.

Nighty night my pretties.

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