Sunday, October 10, 2004


So, I had a half-formed post about the Australian federal election I was going to expand on yesterday. But didn't get the time. Now I'm overhung and just found that John Assclown Howard won a fourth term. How fucking depressing..

I'm very glad I managed to escape the last week of that odious, vitriolic political shitfest though. Political campaigns are a bunch of arse at the best of times, and this one was a grubby, tawdry affair where no-one came out looking good.

God damn I'm depressed. I've chosen to live in that country for the foreseeable future and it's leader is someone I would happily punch in the face.

I wouldn't piss down his throat if his heart was on fire.


Update: In somewhat more encouraging political news, Aucklanders voted to ditch (the increasingly deranged) John Banks as mayor and have opted for breakfast cereal guy Dick Hubbard instead. I haven't really been following the campaigns but frankly getting rid of Banks can only be a positive move.

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