Tuesday, October 05, 2004

back in the flat city

New Zealand again eh? Damn it's cold here..

Still it's nice to be back in ol' Christchurch. Mostly for the friends (although Kurly and Splarkey have brainwashed my cat.. bastards). But also for the accents. And the sports, by which I mean rugby. And the news, by which I mean rugby. And of course politics, by which I mean .. rugby. Well I am in one-eyed Canterbury after all.

But.. it's nice being back. And having a house to myself. And no job to get up for - although I did have to rise at 5-sodding-30 to take my folks to the airport this morning.

And my parents still don't understand what mornings are like with me. I mean they actually try to *talk* to me. And expect me to answer in more than grunts. And they think that I'll remember anything they say.

Sheesh, I only have the vaguest idea that I've driven to the airport and back. I remember seeing a pukeko on the side of the road. And the moon.

But that's about it.

Still, there's no blood or debris on the car so I assume it all went well.

Screw this for a game of bloggers. I'm off to have a coffee and a shower. Probably at the same time.

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