Sunday, June 13, 2004

the week that was

This week I've:

* worked at handling and mounting several million dollars of art for a Deutsche/Menzies auction. The very first painting I helped put up was worth around $1.2 million. Which I didn't find out until well after we'd finished the job, thank god.

* scooped gelato for minimum wage. Boring but tasty. Mmmmm.

* been shortchanged by the ferry autotellers, reaffirming my mistrust of machines.

* watched rugby in a huge pub full of kiwis in Bondi (All Blacks vs England, we trampled 'em). And enjoyed myself a great deal.

* been grilled about what I know about Brisbane by a Bangladeshi I met at a bus stop. It's hot, that's about it, but he was pretty persistent.

* had a teenager call me "sir" and offer me his seat on the bus (oh god - do I look that old!).

* drove across the city without looking at a map and didn't get lost!


* accidentally posted this entry as a draft and wondered where it was for three days. Sigh.

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