Monday, June 28, 2004

i'm going slightly mad

Not feeling the best at the moment. Ennui coupled with a general malaise. Had a migrane on Saturday which has made me a little tender and out of sorts...

Listening to Eddie Izzard at the moment which helps a bit.

I'm a bit pissed off and sad about not going to a couple of events elsewhere in the world. Firstly there was the big par-tay in Chch this weekend for a trio of my friends' (of whom Kurly was one) 30th birthdays (happy birthday again babe!).

Secondly my brother, sensei, and a bunch of other black belts are in Florida for Summer Camp at the moment, getting kicked around by the big guys. Frazer and my bro are both grading so I hope all went well! Actually they'll have finished and are probably very drunk right now whatever the outcome. And possibly bruised too...

Haven't managed any serious karate since they left (only 10 days ago) which is certainly adding to my feelings of unrightness.

Only managed to leave the house once today. I think I may be somewhat agoraphobic. Well, not actually afraid of open spaces, it's the people in them I don't like much. Hang on... *Googles for appropriate phobia*. It could be Enochlophobia, Demophobia or Ochlophobia. Or Sociophobia. Actually, reading a little deeper it seems that Agoraphobia fits pretty well being that it is the fear of crowded public spaces not wide open spaces. Or so The Phobia List tells me.

A fair amount of this probably comes from living in Mosman. Which is on the North Shore of Seednee, with all that that implies for those who know. To be more clear about it - it's full of rich, BMW/SUV driving wankers. And their blonde, power-walking wives. I fucking hate it here. Give me Kings' Cross any day, I'm more comfortable around addicts and hookers than upwardly-mobile preppy scum.

Sod it. I can't even muster the energy to be pissed off.

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