Sunday, June 06, 2004

call me quasimodo

I put my back out at karate yesterday. Ouch. So I'm mostly lying on my back on the floor trying not to move. Or breath.

Actually it only hurts when I use my left arm or turn my head. Or try to get up. I can still use the remote control though, so all is not lost! Changing tapes in the VCR is a bitch though.


Stupid karate. Why the hell didn't I take up chess?

Anyhoo, this is a pain to type - using only the right hand (I was a two-fingered typist before, now I'm a unidigitor - but I'm learning to use my thumb as well, another 10 years or so and I might be able look at the screen when typing) so I'm going back to the floor.

Any offers of massages would be gladly accepted. Or drugs. Mmmmm... drugs...

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