Saturday, June 19, 2010

deaf dumb & blind dating

Well, I think it went well..

She was lovely - and did her best to try and put me at ease. Not an easy task: I managed to blither and witter pointlessly for quite a while anyway. True to form.

She's also devastatingly intelligent, formidably well read and very attractive. And wants to see me again. So she's probably not entirely right in the head (which of course makes her all the more appealing to me. I do like the cracked ones - or at least warped a little..).

On the other hand I've had a couple of friends warn me not to get involved with anyone else too quickly. To take some time off and step away from the emotional stuff for a while. And they've got a point. I need to do some positive introspection and sort out some of this mental crap.

On the other other hand (yes, buying gloves can be a pain) she's very interesting and I think getting to know someone from zero will take me a while anyway. It takes time for me to get comfortable talking with someone let alone anything more.


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