Thursday, May 27, 2004

return of the fishboy

I've been away from the interweb for a bit. Actually I spent nearly four days without even checking my email, which was quite a feat really considering that I usually can't go without checking my comments & browsing favourite weblogs at least twice a day.

But I've not had much to say lately that I would want anyone else to hear. And the reading of other people's stuff was giving me a case of the blogstipation guilts. This thing is supposed to be fun for me and it wasn't for a bit there. Think I'm better now but time will tell.

Anyway, I'm back. Not that I have much to say, but that's true to form I guess. That's always been the case really - I didn't start this blog with an idea for it to be a soapbox or even vaguely interesting to anyone else. I'm surprised and chuffed that some people do!



Not much been going down really. Been looking for work. Unsuccessfully so far. Although I've got a job dismantling sculptures in a gallery on Monday. And a temping agency that says they can get me something.

Doing karate which is a source of endless inspiration and frustration. Not to mention soreness. (How's that going for you Bro? You hyped for Natsu Keiko? Frazer looks fantastic - faster & crisper than ever... eek!)

I've been learning my way around Sydney - with mixed results so far. I still get lost when driving, well - miss my turns due to traffic and lanes and much honking and screaming (from people behind me usually - I can't see what they're so worked up about since it all looks ok from where I am...). The public transport is pretty good, except for the buses at rush hour when it's rather nasty. Walking is good - thought not viable for across town transport.

We're off to Melbourne tomorrow. Going to a wedding of one of Sas's relatives and staying for the weekend. The wedding is a Christian one, which hopefully won't be too happy-clappy (no offense Bro, just not my bag you know?), but that's all over with on the Friday so we have Saturday to explore the city. Any suggestions? I've never been there myself.

Anyone who's waiting for an email (or, god forbid, a snail mail)should be aware that I am appalling at writing emails. I am trying to get better but it ain't easy... Frank's explanation hits the nail on the head for me too. (oh and Frank: "whoohoo!" for passing the bar exam, "oh no!" for the disappearance of the moggy, and "whew!" for the happy return of aforementioned feline (nice photos). Yes I haven't been round your place much lately...)

I'll be making it a goal to send at least one email a day. If you're the 'lucky' recipient of the daily mail please don't mock me for the extreme length & ramblingness/terse shortness & zen-like emptiness of the mail (could be either). Be thankful you got anything at all (or delete immediately, whatever).

And for all interested parties I'll be developing the photos of the shearing next week and will make them available online somewhere... Erk. I'm quite enjoying the new hairfree me so far, although a few days in Melbourne chill may make me change my mind.

Right, I've rambled enough.

Afternoon all.

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