Friday, May 07, 2004

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I've not been doing too much browsing of weblogs of late (because of the extreme shittiness of this machine) but the few that I have looked at have been most amusing.

Sleep Evangelist I discovered through the Slackers web ring (it may surprise you to find that I didn't set it up! Only coz I couldn't be arsed tho...), she has what must be the best first entry for a blog ever:

A pigeon flew into my office and shat all over my desk.

Succinct. Lovely.

Supermodel Personals. Sample ad:

It's so fun when you're pretty and go grocery shopping. You can laugh and make fun of everything, and race the carts the around, and take 100 items to the express lane, and everyone thinks it's cute and endearing instead of obnoxious and stupid.


The Grand Ennui. Disarmingly frank, charmingly forthright and an almost disturbing interest in Bettie Page. Which can only be a good thing! Ahhh Bettie.... Ahem, anyway - sample post:

Either or
1. Blind or deaf.
2. A midget or confined to a wheelchair.
3. A really ugly genius or a really stupid super attractive person.
4. A boy named Sue or a girl named George
5. The problem or the solution.
6. Tap lessons or accordion lessons.
7. Self-deprecating or sarcastic.
8. A guest on Jerry Springer or profiled on America's Most Wanted.
9. An orgasm so intense you almost pass out and you just lay there with your tongue hanging out or a phone call ten minutes before you are supposed to get up in the morning saying work has been cancelled for the day but you'll still get paid.
10. A red headed step child or a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Funny stuff. Plus Bettie Page. Did I mention that he likes Bettie Page? Mmmmm...

I added Sarsparilla Vanessa to my blogroll recently. Loving her site, check it out. Although yesterday's post about fish had me having unpleasant 'quarium flashbacks. Olfactory ones at that. You can never forget the smell...

Umm, well that's about it. I'll write more about what I'm doing when I actually *do* something. Or not. I went to karate yesterday and trained with my Sensei who's going for his 4th Dan in a couple of months. I would blog about that but the memories are so horrifying I don't want to go there yet... For instance, the innocuously named "hoppy thing". *Shudder*. Oh god, I have soooo much training to do...

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