Wednesday, May 12, 2004

new & improved fishboy! (digital version only)

I got my new computer! Yay! Although acquiring it was not without difficulties. As I shall relate in dreary detail.


I spent most of monday driving around Sydney (incidentally spreading mayhem and confusion in my wake for I'm a somewhat 'erratic' driver, or so I've been told, though not in those words exactly come to think of it. As an aside, isn't the way that Sydney-siders wave with a clenched fist or single extended digit rather quaint? But I digress...):

First returning my new 'puter, what I'd purchased not 2 days ago from that very boutique, because it was no more, snuffed it, had ceased to be, expired and gone to see its maker (quite literally). Even before it began being actually - bloody thing didn't work when plugged in. It was an ex-computer. Beautiful plumage though.

Then, after taking said machine in and being told it would be a couple of days, I returned home (each trip taking 45mins to an hour, including wrong turns and traffic jams) to get a call an hour later informing me that the thing was up and ready to go now.

So I toddled off on my merry way again, doing my best to throw the happy commuters of this city into a fine rage. The music of horns playing happily in my ears, I completed my 2&1/2 hour round trip and then proceeded to spend the next 48 hours footling around getting all geeked up.

Anyway, that's enough for now - I'm sure you can all amuse yourselves in the comments box again. You did so well last time! I'm touched. As several of you have pointed out to me in the past...

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