Monday, March 01, 2010

blue monday

Bit flat today. Despite a great weekend which included boozing with workmates, coffee & conversation with friends, dinner with my squeeze (really have to think of a better term..), a clever and side-splitting show from Tim Minchin, pleasant slothing about watching dvds, and a reasonable amount of essential housework. All in all a fun time so really I have no excuse for being listless.

Especially since Canada won gold in the ice hockey this morning (whooo!).

Although I did get up at 3am this morning: I was intending to go and join in the Spencer Tunick installation down at the Opera House but chickened out at the last minute. Well, not due to fear of standing naked with several thousand other people, more due to the fact that it's actually cold* in Sydney for the first time in months and my bed was much more inviting and warm. Laziness won out - as it so often does.

Come to think of it my ennui probably stems from the fact I didn't have karate on Saturday. My adrenal glands haven't had their customary workout and I've not hit anyone for days. That tends to make me a little antsy. I'll miss training next weekend too but since I'll be up in the Blue Mountains throwing myself up and down cliffs I imagine the adrenaline will be well & truly flowing.

In the meantime I must continue plugging away at my meaningless job and merely daydream about punching people in the face...

* Okay, it's still about 20 degrees C - but that's cold for Sydney. Yes, I've become soft.


eroica said...

love love love
because you sound like you might need it today.
and i have plenty going spare.

y said...

I'm not sure I'd stand around starkers in 20°C either - but.. Spencer Tunick!!

sas said...

the non-Tsunami cancelled the naked shoot planned for Breaker Bay in Welly. not sure if it was Tunick? still, i bet it would have been a lot bloody colder than sydney!

fishboy said...

I'm a bit pissed off with my laziness really - I think it would have been a unique experience.. On the other hand sleep is a pretty precious commodity in my life!