Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Honestly. You'd have to make a better fist of it than I am..

But in any case, my rant for the day:

Advertising on the sides of buses. They're kinda the red-headed step-children of billboard adverts.

Often faces of radio 'personalities' showing exactly why they work in radio not on TV, flashy promos for the latest Hollywood crapbuster featuring square-jawed heroes and surgically enhanced heroines, or (my favourite) animated characters with improbably-large-and-gravity-defying-breasts promoting the latest x-box/playstation life-waster. When silicon just isn't enough, use CGI!

My gripe though is with a couple of second-stringer ads. There's this one that purports to be for a shampoo but the fact is that when you look at the picture what springs to mind is "my GOD look at the udders on her!" or similar. Sure I'm speaking from a male perspective here but it takes quite a while for the eye and brain to move onto other parts of the ad. Where it can be spotted that her hair is, yes, somewhat shiny.

But honestly - come on! Her breasts are right smack in the middle, so obviously the central point. I didn't have time to measure the space used but I'm sure there's more breast area than anything else in that pic, including the huge waterfall behind her (because people who bathe in waterfalls always have the best hair, it's a scientific fact). I should have read the fine print, perhaps it was breast enlargement shampoo and I'm slagging it off to no purpose.

Anyway, enough of that one. Oh - hang on, the name of the shampoo was 'Rosetta & Stone' which baffled me. Perhaps they're appealing to the long overlooked but lucrative Egyptologist market?

The other ad is just so stupid. Advertising some clothing store or something but features a woman reclining draped in fancy fabrics. Sounds innocuous but the way she's lying and the look on her (blank, glazed) face just scream *junkie*! All you'd need are a few track marks and a string of drool from the corner of her mouth. Or perhaps it's a dead body - fashion photographers having decided that models charge far too much now just keep a couple on ice.. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Anyway, rant over - go about your business.

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