Monday, August 29, 2005

kick out the yams

Title courtesy of a dream I had the other night where MC5 were helping me do the gardening. Rake, muthafucka, rake!

I don't remember if they were any good. They don't really strike me as the greenfingered type - except perhaps for being dab hands at growing pot.

Anyway, the weekend that was:

BBQ on Friday night celebrating a friend getting a job. Cardiac medicine. Scary shit quite frankly, and you don't even get to keep your hands warm in someone's chest cavity - it's all done with tubes and you go in through the groinal region. I think it's a big con and he's just a highly paid perve. Well, at least it's not as obvious as becoming a proctologist..

A fun party though, met some cool people, charred some steak and managed to drop the entire meat-covered hotplate on the balcony floor. Fortunately no-one inside saw us so no harm done. If anyone develops food poisoning that was just a joke ok?

Saturday at karate I got given a lot of shit. Quite literally. Timbo-san procured for me 3 sacks of horse dung on the equine by-product black market. Who knew there was such a thing?

Anyway, that was the best bit of the training. Well, except for dropping Jason with a well-timed roundhouse to the floating rib. That was fun *g* But after 9 fights I was dying on my feet, fortunately so was everyone else so my demise wasn't too spectacular.

Stayed up far too late to watch the ABs trample the Boks. And much fun was had by all - as long as you're a Kiwi. Although the coverage on channel 7 was abysmally poor - not only did they only show delayed coverage (starting at 11:45pm! bastards) but they jammed in as many epic ad breaks as they possibly could, occasionally cutting off the restart so they could show more ads. Wankers.

Stayed up a bit longer watching Rage - guest programmed by Billy Corgan. Which reaffirmed my belief that he's a talentless pretentious cock. Well, his choice of music wasn't too bad to start with (Jane's Addiction, Sonic Youth, Mazzy Star, Spiritualized) but I missed all those and had the misfortune to tune into Limp Bizkit (gak), Swervedriver (yawn), Christina Aguilera (what the..?), and Seal (copious hurling). Plus his attempted uber-cool spoken interludes had me throwing cushions at his moon-like head.

Sunday I attempted to do some gardening but, with my sleep deprived brain half expecting MC5 to turn up to help at any minute, couldn't muster the enthusiasm for much. The lawn is coming up though, I must get around to fixing that lawnmower..

So. There you go. Don't know why I splurged all that - possibly some guilt that a half dozen of you persist in venturing over here day after day in the vain hopes that some nugget of wit and wisdom has sifted free from my brain pan.

I'd promise to do better in the future but.. we'd all know I was lying.

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