Tuesday, August 30, 2005

how shocking (fnar fnar)

Attempted murderer. Posted by Picasa

Yes, my appliances tried to kill me this morning. Ok, not all of them. I'm still getting along with the stereo, fridge and (obviously) computer, and the washing machine & I still have a wary mutual respect.

But the iron tried to take me on this morning. Bastard.

I'd like to say it threw me across the room but I came back swinging, unfortunately the truth of the matter is that I curled up in a ball and quivered on my bed.

If I had any hair I think it'd be standing on end.

For all my joking about my doctor friend in the previous post (ah, how ironic!) it's great to have a cardiac specialist you can call at the drop of a hat. Or drop of an arrhythmia. Or something.

Dammit, I didn't even finish ironing my shirt..

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