Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's an allegory, apparently..

I may have alluded in the past to the giggling man-crush I have on Paul Verhoeven (no, not the director) and Luke Ryan (Tramdalf was one of their earlier escapades) but their 'see no evil, hear no evil' review of The Human Centipede had me squealing with glee*.

And retching. Violently. Especially after reading the synopsis on Wikipedia..

Read the review here. It's a brilliant piece and it'll save you watching the film. Although if you have any desire to watch it after seeing the time-lapse footage of their reactions you're a sick sick puppy..

Actually, if you're at all squeamish you shouldn't even read the review. Best to ignore that the movie even exists. I hope never to see - or hear - it.

On the other hand - Scott Pilgrim vs The World is awesome. I lesbians it.

* in a manly way, of course..


eroica said...

i lesbians scott pilgrim also. thanks for sharing. xx
i also lesbians you. a lot.

fishboy said...

Lesbians backatcha babe xx