Monday, August 02, 2010


Currently obsessed with Dan Savage's sex and relationship advice podcast - the Savage Lovecast. I advise everyone with an interest in sex to listen - you will be informed, amused, surprised and probably repulsed by at least something in there. I loved the latest 20ish 'casts so much I've downloaded the entire 200-odd and am listening to them from the start - back in 2006.

Seriously though - go listen to some of them, even if you don't learn anything (and, oh my god, the things I've learned about dolphin fucking..) you will be highly entertained. I've just about doubled over on the street laughing so it's best not to listen when you're on public transport. He's also very often right, or at least offers good advice. Obviously though: not for those who can't handle sex-talk or plentiful profanity.

It's made me realise that despite my kinks there are people out there (LOTS of people) who are so much more freaky than me. Makes me want to up my game..

* ggg

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