Friday, July 16, 2010


This is my six-hundredth post. An arbitrary round number perhaps but still a milestone of a kind.

That's about ninety-two blog posts per year, or the blinding pace of one and three-quarters per week. I can't be arsed working out the word count but it's probably something staggeringly banal. Suffice to say I won't be achieving any records with my output. Despite how tediously long-winded I tend to be.

Interestingly my stat count is about to hit thirty thousand visitors too. Roughly the same number a twenty second clip of a kitten on YouTube gets in half an hour. Fame appears to be eluding me. Thankfully.

But anyway: six and a half years, six hundred posts.

Not sure what I have to say about reaching this point. Thanks to people like it was an Academy Award?

Well, I'd never have started without Eroica - this is all your fault. I'd almost certainly have dropped out early-on if it weren't for Michelle so much of the blame goes to you love. Thanks too to Jen: you've been hugely supportive - and a delightful house guest. Vanessa - next time we meet let's make it for longer than just a cup of tea. And not in Bristol. Ysengin, Sal, Babs, Helena - each of you has played your part in the continuation of this debacle, you'll be up against the wall when the revolution comes too.

There are plenty of others including, but not limited to, everyone who's ever been in my ever-changing blogroll. All those whose blogs I chanced upon and was intrigued by or commented on. And everyone who has ever commented, anonymously or not - any and all comments are an unexpected joy. It pains me that I've lost the wonderful comments from the previous five years (curse you for changing your system Haloscan..). Even the guy who just kept calling me 'gaywad'. Ahh, such cutting repartee..

Plus the fallen: D, Pornyboy, Avatar, Sarah, Frank, Tam, Kittylifter, Pisser, Surtr, Late Bland, etc etc. Too many have disappeared without a trace but certainly aren't forgotten. If it wasn't for the blogging community, disparate and fragmented as it may be, I'd never have been interested in this odd form of exhibitionism. Especially given my generally rather private - almost secretive - personality.

I thought I'd be anonymous and I guess I still largely am - but mostly because no-one is really interested in whiny, self-indulgent personal blogs (except other whiny, self-indulgent bloggers of course..). But the anonymity is less important to me these days - enough real-life friends & acquaintances know about this thing that it's a moot point anyway. Besides: I continue to be discovered by people from meatspace, which is an uncomfortable learning experience for everyone..

I don't re-read my own blog much but I don't appear to have learned a damned thing. About blogging, about myself, about life. Ok, so that's not entirely true - I have learnt but I seem to be unable to actually put my knowledge into practice and stop making the same fucking mistakes. Or different mistakes in the same way. Or the same mistakes in creative and original ways. My very nature conspires against my own, well, nature..

But I digress. My life appears to be one large digressive ramble away from.. whatever point it was that was supposed to be made. I forget.


I'm still here. Still keeping going. Still interested in where this will lead me. Still very interested in who I might meet.

Thank you for reading. I love you.


eroica said...

i love you back, gaywad.
thanks for consistently-ish filling the interwebs with your delightful drivel, i suck it all up like nectar.
also, thanks for all the awesome links recs over the years, if it weren't for you i'd never have discovered half the stuff i now live for.
;-) xxx smoochies

helena said...

I go away for a little while and when I come back i find out that people have been saying lovely things about me!

I'm glad you're still here...long may you remain (although you are allowed to stop making the same mistakes if you want - but only if you want!)hxx