Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Saw a guy on the bus with the same hairstyle (if not quite the same sartorial flair) as Howard Wolowitz. Did I miss something? When did that become fashionable?

It'd be interesting if the popularity of The Big Bang Theory leads to more sub-cultural copying of the characters. Will lactose intolerance become cool? Selective mutism the new fad? Obssesive compulsive behaviours a must-have attribute?

I like the idea and support the general nerdifying of the population. If I can't be normal I'll just push everyone else to be more weird.


weezelnz said...

Nope, not fashionable, but then maybe I'm missing something too?

Jen said...

what? my OCD isn't cool? *gasp*

I may be missing the 'do fascination tho - but, then again, we (both) had 80's hair, yes?

/and good lord, the cabbage snores loudly/

helena said...

Haven't spotted that style here in the frozen north but have noticed a similar one - the hair is brushed more to the side and then streaked with blonde. Whenever I see it I do have the urge to let the owner of the style know that tis but a short step from that to a Flock of Seagulls.