Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the horror

I've been shaped!

Haven't had the internet at home now for 4 days. I'm beginning to get the shakes...

On the up side I am getting a lot of reading done. And have been to a couple of movies. Plus watching more tv. Which, come to think of it, probably isn't a positive.

I thought I'd miss facebook but, after a few irritated hours, I find I don't feel cut off at all. The truly annoying thing is lack of access to wikipedia - I have to rely on my brain to remember things! Oh the humanity!

My internet will not regain it's former speed (i.e. faster than the arthritic glacier it currently resembles) until the weekend and my access to work computers is severely curtailed due to training courses. The current unusual state of mute untalkativeness will be replaced by the regular level of surly reticence shortly. Yes, I know it's difficult to tell the difference.

If you email me and I don't respond it's probably because I just don't like you. As usual.


helena said...

deleted my facebook account about 5 months ago and do not miss it one little bit. I found that the people I wanted to keep in touch with I did anyway and had done so before I had a facebook account while the others...well...

fishboy said...

I know what you mean but, in a slightly icky way, I find the whole facebook thing a lot easier than blogging. The space and format constraints, while they limit creativity and force brevity, make micro-blogging simpler and a lot more attractive. Having a quantifiable audience helps too.

However, when it comes down to it, the end result is something almost pointlessly banal. But it's safe and easy and undemanding - which I appreciate while also feeling guilty about not blogging.

Unfortunately I'm going through a phase where the thought of blogging fills me with a kind of dread. I don't have any creative projects I’m happy to share, listing of my daily/weekly activities is dull, and I'm sick of whinging. The rest (to paraphrase with extreme prejudice) is silence.