Saturday, October 02, 2004

blood & scones

Right. Original post..


Nope. I got nothin'.

Sorry if you were expecting the usual fishy wit & spleen. Try some kidneys instead.

Having a blank head day. Probably the result of being tortured to death by vampires in my dreams last night. Not a restful experience.

The dream was probably my subconscious regurgitating the experience of going to see a friend of a friend's band (the aforementioned Blood and Scones - great name) 'play' (scream? yowl? wail? hmm) at a goth bar on thursday. It took two nights before my mind could face assimilating it into my dreams.

Actually they were pretty damn good - very tight & professional, and they were obviously having a great time (although as goths they weren't allowed to have facial expressions..).

I'm off to see Scribe, P-Money, Mareko & Savage from the Deceptikonz, and Con Psy & Forty One Thirty tonight. Now that should be a blast!

Aside: Isn't Savage just the cutest hiphopper? I mean, he's just so rolly-polly and has such chubby pinchable cheeks. I defy anyone to watch the vid for Stop, Drop & Roll and take him seriously as a badass rapper.

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