Sunday, August 22, 2004

fun & games

I am shattered today. Absolutely buggered. Partly from the rigorous house-hunting schedule we set ourselves, partly from a taxing karate session (trying to learn new tricks with the sai, expect many updates about stabbing myself & dropping them on my feet), but mostly coz we went to Luna Park last night.

If you know Sydney even a little you've probably seen the park - on the North Shore, tucked in under the harbour bridge. I don't know about the entrance though: a huge grinning face staring scarily down on you as you enter by walking into its mouth. I wonder how many kids have gotten nightmares from it?

I had the greatest time, some of those rides are a real blast. The flying saucer was an awesome kick, the dodgems were fun (although our group managed to cause total gridlock twice - go kiwi drivers!), and I loved the pirate ship (although I did loses a packet of Smints during that one, who knows how far they went? I didn't hear of any breath-mint related injuries though so I think I'm in the clear). Unfortunately Krys, boyf of Emma whose birthday it was, copped some vomit in the back during that ride which upset his already tender stomach. He sat the rest of the rides out and it was a good couple of hours before he got his colour back.

We did the best one last though. The Rotor. Basically just a big vertical cylinder that you stand in and they spin it at 70kph. But what an awesome time! You get pushed to the wall and they drop the floor away so you are stuck against it by the centrifugal force. I managed to get up on my hands and knees and go for a spider-walk around - doesn't sound like much but it was so hard. No-one else in the group even managed to move. I, however, did seriously skin both my knees and so completely stuff myself it took about 2 hours to recover. Also haven't felt so close to puking without excessive alcohol intake for years.

It may not sound like it but that is a recommendation. Ok, yes I'm a masochist, but I'm sure normal people like it too! Just don't have a big meal beforehand.

Right, I got to go iron a shirt (grumbling and cursing all the time) so I must away. Hope everyone else had a great weekend. Mwah mwah.

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