Sunday, June 20, 2004

works in progress

I'm supposedly writing my CV today, a self-esteem crushing task at the best of times... What was I doing for those years in the 90s? Oh, that's right, doing lots of drugs and generally slobbing about.

Hey ho, at least I'll have great stories to tell my grandchildren. Or at least I would if I was going to have offspring at all. Or could remember much of what I did. I had a good time though! I think...

So, yes, CV. That's right.

Writing about how fabulous I am and why anyone would be a fool not to hire me.


Which is of course why I'm tinkering with my blog. Careful where you go, I've not finished shoring up the side-bar. And the fonts may be a little lumpy so watch your step, I'll sand them down soon I promise.

No worries, a lick of paint and the thing'll look as good as new! Just ignore the wee termite problem, it's only cosmetic.

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