Wednesday, June 16, 2004

the dick report

Read today's offering on Public Address' Speaker column from Che Tibby. Great stuff. Excerpt:

(...)I don't know why I have such an opposition to conservatives.

Ok, maybe I do. They're dicks. No, really, have a big conversation with any really committed conservative and you'll soon come to the opinion that these people really are, 100% dyed in the wool, dicks.

Really put his finger on it there. And appropriately hits the uber-liberals with the same tag. What the left really doesn't need are any more pretentious fucking liberals.

But the Neo-cons are much more scary than your bog-standard conservative dick. Russell Brown talks about the influence of Leo Strauss on the bunch of creeps currently in charge of the White House (Wolfowitz et al, not Bush - he's a figurehead, I mean he's hardly in charge of anything really, I wouldn't put him in charge of wiping his own arse). But reading about Strauss's particular strain of elitist philosophy sheds a little more light on the reasons why the neo-cons say what they do. Dicks.

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