Saturday, July 31, 2010

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My old house has been put on the market.

My ex and I lived there for five years. They were very good years on the whole - although the mosquitoes were pretty unwelcome and the slugs a little too voracious. And of course the last few months were less than fun. But it's a place I remember very fondly and had a long happy time at - and wish I'd managed to take more of the plants from.

We raised Griffin from kitten hood there: on a diet of rats, lizards and minah birds. It was where we first got Rufus (originally named 'Whiskey' when we got him from the RSPCA). Where we got broken into twice. Where I spent countless hours pottering in the garden. Where we had dinner parties and legendary garden parties (one in particular is horribly memorable due to all the regurgitation endured afterwards..). Where we had many friends and family come stay when they passed through town (sorry about all the animal fur on everything..).

There are a lot of memories that I'd though I left behind when I moved out eight months ago (Wow. Was it really only that long? Feels like so much longer..). They resurfaced and got relived painfully on the day of the clean-up when my ex left for Canberra. Now this discovery brings them out again - it was surprisingly sad to see the house and my garden in the real estate photos. Especially since they'd cut down one of my avocados. Bastards..

It's nice to have it mentioned in the real estate blurb as a "peaceful garden" though - I worked hard on making it so. And enjoyed many peaceful hours in my hammock.

But it's just another ending. Bittersweet as all endings are, but much less painful than the earlier ones. We move on, life goes on - and gets better in many ways. Change is good and this one has been very good for me. The one I'm not looking forward to is when I no longer get to hang out with Rufus - which will probably happen when my ex gets married and he becomes their family dog.

But for the moment he's sleeping at my feet, twitching and snorting as he chases squirrels in his dreams*. It's so lovely having him here. Tomorrow I take him to the park to sniff dog asses and pee on trees. Good times!

* He's never seen a squirrel but if he ever did he'd certainly chase it. He's basically Dug.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Not knowing you, I didn't realize you were going through all this. Honestly, I think you're coping as well as most people would.

You Don't Know Me

eroica said...

not teary not teary not teary

fishboy said...

YDKM: The last year has been an interesting time. But it's far, far better now - including the relationship with my ex. It's still sad in parts and at times (especially the pets bit) but things are going pretty well in my life right now.

eroica: Sook ;) Hey, here's a funny thing Sas told me last night: a friend of hers (one that never liked me - surprise surprise..) called me homophobic! She defended me and was pretty angry about it. Made me laugh tho - I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of things to dislike me for without having to make up shit..

eroica said...

whoever that was clearly didn't try very hard to get to know you...
(or your homo-esque friends)

fishboy said...

"Esque" heh - so you're a hasbian now? ;p

eroica said...