Monday, July 12, 2010


Apparently I'm not eating enough. Despite the 5-6 meals I have a day. Or so my trainer keeps telling me - I'm beginning to wonder if she's a feeder..

But she obviously has a point - I'm not gaining any weight even though I work out (argh, I hate that term..) regularly and with a plan geared towards muscle gain. I'd thought I was eating plenty and was telling her how often and how much it was - then she pretty much flatly said I need to eat twice that amount for my build and level of exercise.

Which is a drag. I sometimes eat just to feed the machine anyway and I'm not really a 'foodie' (another term I dislike..) but turning food into a chore really sucks any enjoyment out of what should be a sensuous experience. Although I'm eating out enough these days that I'm getting my fill of good dining - hanging out with people who really know food and put thought and consideration into their dining experience is a bit of an eye-opener.

I love breakfast - my favourite meal of the day - and I've come to enjoy cooking myself dinner (although it's not what I'd ever call masterful or adventurous) but I'm obviously not eating enough between those meals. Gah, I hate that I'll probably have to go to the lengths of buying protein powder or something similar to supplement my daily intake..

Or just eat more pies.

Anyway, all that griping done - now I've got to go grocery shopping. Why are supermarkets so uniformly awful?! There's a huge whinge for another day..


Anonymous said...

Why do you care about muscle gain? Stay slim and live longer. Or, you could take anabolic steroids and grow muscles like mad... not a good idea.

I hear whey protein is the best muscle-building food of all.

You Don't Know Me

fishboy said...

Muscle gain doesn't mean getting huge - I don't care about looking big. But I want strength - which requires some muscle mass. There is a middle way between skinny and beefcake.

It's only really for karate - I've noticed having lost 10kgs that it's more difficult to push people around (people = my sensei..).

As for whey protein - it's one of the options. Frankly I'd prefer to get all I need from a good balanced diet. It somehow just seems like a more sensible route..

eroica said...

whey schmey.

you do know me.