Wednesday, May 26, 2010

under a cloud

Update: I am broken.

And sick of it.

Sick of a lot of stuff in my life and tired of whining about it - although I only ever seem to do that internally. I'm sick of listening to myself.

It's a pretty poor state of affairs when you live alone and you can't stand being around yourself. It's so tiresome.

I'm still here. And will be back to this sometime, I'm sure. As soon as I overcome my lacerating misery and self-loathing.

Could be a while.


Hello Xu Xu said...

hang in there fella, dredging the depths is a dark old drag. But some tiny seemingly insignificant thing will awaken that spark within and give you a whole new perspective on things, will be that catalyst that will allow you to distill the quintessence of life and see things clearly again. It always comes along, it's just sometimes a painfull dreary wait.

Sal said...

i just realised that in my comments above i didn't express my... anguished commiserations.

heightened by my own memories.