Saturday, December 23, 2006


I'm back in Godzone, down in Christchurch for Xmas where it's midsummer. Which, as longtime readers will realise, leads to my annnual 'WTF!' about the weather.

I know, I know: Broken record. Gone soft from too much time in Seednee. It's coz you've got no hair. Etc.

But this has been going on too long - every sodding Xmas I come back here and every freaking time it's cold and rainy. It was 28 degrees when I got on the plane in OZ, it was 8 (yes 8) degrees when I got here.

On the longest day of the year.

Seriously, there's something awry here.

But you know the icing (pun intended) on the cake? What really tops off this experience?

There's a bloody iceberg off the coast!

That's it. I quit. Not coming back here till you lot sort this out.

Right, I'm off to huddle in front of the fire...

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