Friday, December 22, 2006


More IM crap in an attempt to avoid blogging anything with meaning. 'Enjoy'.

FB: Re: error - Any idea why this occurred? I can fix it ok , just wondering why it happened..
EF: Because someone inthe printroom doesn't have good hand-eye coordination?
FB: something to do with them being lazy-eyed psychos? The usual then..
EF: hey man, what's with all the hate?
FB: passes the time, keeps the blood moving..
EF: have you been listening to Boom Town Rats again?
FB: No - why? Do they fill you with rage and blood-lust?
EF: well, yeah. but the voices inside my head keep them in check.
FB: my voices can never agree on who I should kill first.. they're always having arguments then sulking

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