Friday, August 04, 2006


So, after a brief 18 hours flying (not including airport time and general dicking around) I'm here!

Actually it's even day 2 for me - I didn't have time to blog yesty since I was busy biking through the crowded Paris streets and almost dying. And almost getting arested within 4 hours of being in France. And eating and drinking nearly my bodyweight in cheese and wine. And being gobsmacked on a minutely basis by architechture and the sheer age of things...

Today was a relatively sane trip into town and peruse of the Musee D'Orsay. Which was quite fantastic. I recommend it if you're ever here. Photos will follow when time allows.

Sorry I've not texted anyone much - ran out of credit.. Will get more soon. But don't call me! It costs a bazillion euro for me to receive calls...

Gotta go, there's more wine to be drunk. Au revoir!

PS Apologies for any spelling mistakes - what is up with these damn keyboards? Bloody French, they just have to be different..

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