Monday, July 31, 2006

22.5 hours to go..

Not that I'm counting.

So with all the last minute packing and frantically trying to sort out all the things I meant to do weeks ago I've not had time for blogging..

Not much to say now either - still trying to get my book selection down to a reasonable level. And don't tell me I won't have time to read coz I'll be too busy doing things - I know that but it's an absolute physical impossibility for me to go on holiday without books. Or go pretty well anywhere without books actually..

Anyways, here's this wee article that fascinated me. Ahh, the romance of the sewers.. (hat tip to LinkMachineGo)

And finally, having recently started checking my stats it's been amusing to see the searches that draw people to my blog. Such as:

"nicknames for nasal speech impediment"
"Darth's real name"
"fnar fnar"


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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.