Wednesday, July 06, 2005

fun with acronyms

Recently discovered in the Handbook of Official Medical Claptrap that I use at work:

PFO = Pissed and Fell Over

Yes, it's an actual officially recognised acronym. So when you're trying to explain your drunken injuries from the night before in faux-medicalese you can throw that one in to give some semblance of credibility.

Some amusing names I've had recently include Dr Young Hoon, Dr A Mok, Dr Goodenough, and the oh-so-unfortunately named Dr A Nally. No I don't think he was a proctologist. Shame but.

Best surname award has to go to the Sarcasmo family. God, that's so good I want to change my name..

Best place name recently: Kinkii Cemetery. I *so* want to be buried there!

Umm.. That's all.

Apologies for the lack of communication. I've not been lacking for things to write about or stuff to say, just lacking the words.. and, to tell the truth, suffering from a terrible bout of stage fright.

My cunning plan is to not blog at all for ages until everyone goes away and forgets about me.

Insecurity, thy name is fishboy.

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