Saturday, June 25, 2005

up sticks

Moving time. Physically I mean - this blog, such as it is, will remain where it is.

But I've had enough of Darlinghurst. I've had enough of this pokey wee flat.

Had enough of not having a garden, having a busy road within a stone's throw, and not being able to find a parking spot within half a klick of the house.

I've definitely had enough of neighbours.

The guy upstairs is nice enough: genial and polite. Although his eyebrows are bushy enough to hide several species of endangered marsupial. They're a little scary.. But I digress. As usual. My problem with him is his feet.

Specifically that they appear to be made of lead. Or at least that's what it sounds like when he wanders around up there. I've nicknamed him The Man with the Golden Feet because of that. But then I tend to make up names for people. I just never usually share them..

So yes, getting away from his feet will be wonderful. And away from his stereo and xbox.

The stereo has been an issue for a while - I mean, I like the Scissor Sisters too but selected songs on repeat all day is getting a little too much. And Warren Zevon was an awesome cool guy but I really don't need to hear "Werewolves of London" 8 TIMES IN A ROW!

The downstairs guy.. Well, I've documented my first run in with him.. ah *rummages in archives* here.

I've not had to get all alpha male on him since and he's been on the whole pretty quiet but every once in a while he just has to cut loose and slam those doors of his.

I just don't need this shit anymore. It's messing with my mental feng shui.

So this weekend we're moving to Glebe. To a larger house with a big garden for Griffin to go nuts in.

It'll be great. After the horror of moving is done. God I hate shifting house although this is nothing compared to the hideousness of my shift from NZ.

So hopefully my next update will be from my new home. Although when we'll have a phone on is anyone's guess.

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