Friday, May 20, 2005

big brother

No this isn't a post about those insufferable wankers prostituting themselves on tv, it's just too easy to pick on them. This is about my fucking irkmates again.

Yeah I know, stuck record. Tough shit, suck it up if you want to read on. But feel free to leave at any stage, your exits are wherever the hell you like.

This is about those people who come to you with a problem or just to pass some work on and then hang around watching. For ages. No matter how resolutely you turn your back and turn up the volume in your headphones.

I hate people watching me. Really loathe it. Alright, that probably just points out my paranoia more than anything. But still, what do they think hanging over me is going to accomplish? Well, I know that one of my irkmates does it because she wants to see me fuck up - just so she can tell me all about it. Sadly for her I rarely allow her that pleasure.

I think a lot of civil servants are control-freaks, often frustrated ones, so whenever they are in a position to be able to exert their will over a process or a person they're loath to relinquish any of that satisfaction to someone else.

Or maybe they just purely exist to PISS ME OFF.

Today I was given the wonderful task of cleaning up someone else's FUBAR and I made the mistake of actually asking that person what the problem was. Of course she didn't see anything wrong, despite the fact the file had been bounced around the building for some time accreting a heavy coating of post-its and red ink. Anything that has a Rorschach of lines, circles and question marks on it makes my stomach sink when I see it on a Friday afternoon - it means I'll probably be the last to leave. Everyone else will be merrily drunk at the pub down the road before I manage to get off the phone.

Today was one of those days, made infinitely more irritating by the fact that my co-irker insisted in hanging around like the malevolent shade she is, periodically muttering things about it being fine when she processed it. Well, obviously not you incompetent hack. She lurked around my desk even when I was on hold for about 10 minutes while an equally incompetent funeral director flailed through his haphazard filing 'system'. She only finally fucked off when I pointedly said I'd let her know when I'd fixed it and what the problem was. Which of course won't stop her from doing the same thing again next week.

So, all in all a crappy afternoon. And to add injury to insults I find that I'm probably not going to be paid for a couple of hours overtime due to some fucked up rule about having to take a break between 'standard' hours and 'overtime' hours.

I'm going to make it my mission to steal enough office supplies to make up for it. Perhaps hock 'em off on eBay. Anyone need any staples?

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