Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Aussie hip hop - stand the fuck up

I know I've bagged Australian hiphop before on a few occasions and by and large I stand by those comments. But I've discovered a few absolute gems here - well, one in particular:

Hilltop Hoods aren't really pushing the boundaries of hiphoprasy much, in fact they're decidedly old-school in their delivery but oh-my-god do they play well live. I've not heard their albums yet and to tell the truth I'm a bit reluctant to since what I've heard of their live stuff kicks so much as I think studio work would pale in comparison. But I may be wrong (it's happened once or twice before) and I'm intending to pick up at least one of the albums at some stage.

All this adulation is coming off the back of just hearing them on the radio. I've heard two of their gigs on Triple J before and tonight they performed in Ayr for the One Night Stand show. They just sound so fantastic live - the crowd response is instant and genuine. Brilliant stuff. I was shakin ma booty in the car on the way home from karate.

I urge anyone who gets a chance to see these guys live to go for it. I know I will be whenever they next come to town.

Right, I must sleep. Night all.

PS Happy birthday Claire! You geriatric..

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