Wednesday, February 16, 2005

happy snaps

I'll never be a great photographer. Quite apart from the lack of talent issue. It's the devil-may-care attitude I lack.

Case in point - the other day I was walking home and passed a brilliant scene worthy of my masterful blog (ahem). All houses in central Sydney seem to have bars on the windows, to keep burglars out (or the crazy people in, whatever), and there's a decent gap between the bars and the windows on most houses. This one house had their front windows open and their dog had climbed out the sash window and was sitting on the window ledge, head wedged between the bars watching the passers by. And panting (as you do).

It would have made a great shot (the dog was very photogenic and waggy) but I couldn't take it. Because it was someone's home. There were people in the lounge inside and I could hear them talking. I just really felt like I'd be intruding, invading their privacy. Which is a real concern when taking any photo with people in it that you're going to put on the internet. I'm not too concerned with the legal aspects, it's just that I don't like to piss people off by accident. Sure I'll do it on purpose at times, that's different *s*

On the other hand I don't really mind looking like a fool - I'll stand on a median strip trying to get a good photo or crouch in the gutter on a busy street looking like a deranged idiot.

My problem is that I really don't want to get involved in a conversation with people most of the time. Just want to take my photo and wander on. But getting permission and all that takes interaction when the whole reason I want the photo is so that I don't have to interact as a person. Just be an observer. Bloody humans, always with the questions..

Sod it, I'll stick to photos of graffitti and kittens *s*

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