Saturday, February 12, 2005


A meme I got from Vanessa (orginating from A Flickering Light), I like this one. Hell, it encapsulates my favourite things about blogging - talking about books and making lists. If I can just figure out how to get a kitten photo in there it'd be perfect..

Anyway, authors whom I've read 10 or more books by. Apologies in advance for this being scifi/fantasy heavy. Hang on, no - I'm not embarrassed about it like many literary snobs feel I should be. Open your mind.

  • Joan Aiken - the best writier of short stories, and some genuinely creepy horror books.
  • Diana Wynne Joans - like Vanessa says, the Chrestomanci cycle is far superior to the whole Harry Potter monstrosity, and The Homeward Bounders is one of the best books EVER
  • Iain Banks - both his scifi and 'straight' fiction are marvelous.
  • Michael Leunig - do cartoons count? I reckon they should and this man is the best.
  • Herge - well of course, hasn't everyone read all the Tintin books?
  • Kurt Vonnegut - who I'm still struggling to actually like but his books always make me think.
  • Ursula Le Guin - if you have even a passing interest in fantasy books read the Earthsea trilogy. And The Dispossessed is wonderful scifi.
  • Shakespeare - the Bard. Need I say more?
  • Terry Pratchett - he's been slipping lately but still funny and occasionally provocative (well, for humourous fantasy).
  • Tim Powers - brilliantly weaves fantasy with historical fiction. And is not beyond really hurting his main characters.
  • Jack Vance - The Dying Earth is deservedly a classic of it's kind.
  • David Eddings - um. A vice, I'll admit.
  • Brian Aldiss - good stuff.
  • Patricia Wrightson - The Nargun and the Stars and the Wirrun series I haven't read for decades (eek! I'm old..) but I still remember vividly.
  • Issac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke - not so much any more but still interesting for their time. Dated a bit in many cases but still great imaginations.
  • E E "Doc" Smith - what was I thinking?!
  • Robert Heinlein - I have no excuses..
  • Piers Anthony - *hangs head in shame*
  • Enid Blyton - *shifts nervously* well, haven't we all? *getting defensive* I mean, it's not a sickness, it's just a phase..
  • Willard Price - *small voice* oh crap.
  • Raymond E Feist - I'm sorry! I'm sorry! *weeps* I won't do it again!
  • Larry Niven - *contemplates suicide*
  • Ray Bradbury - *rallies* see, I'm not a complete loss. This guy was a strange and wonderful writer.
  • Phillip K Dick - NOW we're talking! So ahead of his time that his time has yet to truly arrive. Read A Scanner Darkly, you won't regret it.

Um, I'll leave the list on that high(ish) note, before I unearth any more tragic authors.

Note that this is just those of whom I've read 10 or more, I have read Dickens, James, Austin, Frame, Huxley, Orwell, Hemingway, Lawrence, Joyce, et al (except for Tolstoy - I speet on your Warr and Peeeeses..) just not more than 10 books. Often only one. Just so I can drop it suavely into conversation at parties.

Let's face it, often a writer only has a few good books. Sometimes only one (come in JD Salinger). Occasionally they spin a shitty series out of that one book (come in Frank Herbert). Some die before making 10 books (RIP Douglas Adams) but the ones they left are delicious, forever-tantalising, morsels.

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