Tuesday, September 28, 2004

sodding interweb..

I seem to be having some trouble seeing my own blog.. Although, as you can (hopefully) see I can still get in to post stuff. Is anyone else having problems? With their own Blogspot sites or with mine?

Phooey. Haloscan is borked too, at least from my end..

Fucksticks. I may actually have to learn stuff to deal with this.

*brain cowering in terror*

In Homer Simpson's immortal words "Get me through this, brain, and I'll go back to killing you slowly with alcohol".

mmmm beeeer...

Not till you fix the damn site!

Just one? To lubricate the ol' axons & dendrites..?

Ohh, ok.. But just one. Here you go.

Mmmm.. preciousssss.. Blech! Tooheys! Pah!

Heh heh.. sucker..

*shakes self*

Ok. It's official. I am insane.

I just had an argument with my brain. And won. By out-thinking it.

oh dear..

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