Thursday, September 16, 2004

how to get ahead

No, not a decapitation story (I have one of those for a later post). It's just that I now have a desk & computer & cubicle all of my own.

After weeks of being bounced all over the building depending on where there's space I now am settled, and probably for the foreseeable future.

Why? you ask. Did they notice my sterling work record and give me the appreciation and acknowledgement I deserve? Were they swayed by my unfailingly polite and pleasant demeanour? The wonderfully empathetic and professional way I liaised with funeral directors and the bereaved ?

Ha. No.

Much more simple.

The guy whose desk I now inhabit had a seizure.

So barring his miraculous recovery (get well soon Barry!) I get his area. And flash new lcd screen 'puter.

If I'd known it would be so easy to get ahead in this company I'd have poisoned someone with a corner office.

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