Wednesday, April 21, 2004

gidday maaate

By jingo, by crikey! Cobbadiggamate.

So. Yes. I'm ensconced in the leafy suburb of Mosman, here in sunny Sydney.

So far it's been pretty groovy. Eating good food, sleeping late, doing some homey-type shopping (Ikea... crappy, but necessary). Spent nearly the entire day today in bed which was quite lovely :)

Tomorrow Sas is taking me to do some touristy things... I suppose I'd better get them out of the way. I'm looking forward to visiting the museum and art galleries, and the beaches and parks too. The fewer malls we have to enter the better tho...

Hang on.

Ick. First cockroach encounter. 5 cm long pale brown scuttler - not big enough to mount but I might press it into my diary as a keepsake. Our place is pretty nice tho and they're pretty infrequent visitors, or so Sas assures me... Hmmm...

Anyway. Posting may be infrequent since I'm typing this on a 'puter so old it probably has "property of Alan Turing" written on it somewhere. And I'm unsure of what to write about these days. Too much going on in head and in life.

Will try to keep up (down) to previous standards (or lack thereof) but this is very much a work in progress at the moment.


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