Thursday, October 23, 2008

the biggest game in town

What am I going to do in two weeks when this is all over?

So. Much. Fun.

Even dead former Presidents are jumping on the bandwagon.

Also great for people who love stats and maps and history.

Oh yeah, NZ is having their own game. It's certainly more relevant to me, but doesn't appear to be as much fun - either NZ doesn't have as many batshit crazies or they're just hiding well.

For all the kiwis - check out what they think of us in the US:

New Zealanders do not want Americans to know that their country is a sleeping giant. A sleeping giant that will wake when B. Hussein Obama is elected and destroy our great, beautiful, brave, freedom-loving country.

Their prime minister's middle name is Al Qaeda. She has Kim Jong Il on speed dial. And they are ready and waiting to connect the greatest force of terror ever imaginable.

You've never been to New Zealand. I have. I've lived there. It is definitely a Muslim country. And it wants war with the US. New Zealanders hate Americans. They will invade if McCain gets in. They're ready and waiting and they have nuclear weapons.

Vote McCain - Save The World God Condemn New Zealand.

God I love America.

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