Wednesday, February 27, 2008

connectivity update

Following the storm last night (awesome, and not a little scary - especially when the lightning hit a building up the road...) I appear to have lost internet at home. Hopefully this is due to a physical network problem - not because some part of my computer fritzed - and therefore will be back soon.

Anyone trying to get me on Facebook or MySpace will have to actually email me (shock! horror! how appallingly Web1.0!) since they've unkindly blocked it at work. And YouTube. Bastards, I'm looking for a new job - this is just cruel and inhumane punishment...

Also, if you're playing scrabble against me online you can't force the win just coz I'm tardy with the next move. That's just rude.

In a effort to keep you entertained (you fickle, capricious bastards..) here's something eerie, wacky and strangely poignant. Or something. Make up your own minds. Do I have to tell you everything? Jesus.

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