Thursday, December 20, 2007

bloody tradesmen

...say no more.

But I will. A conversation I had with a plumber the other morning:

Me: Hi Jeff, here from xxxx* you called yesterday about coming out to look at the drains. I was hoping we could set a time..?

Him: Yeah, I called the other day but no-one called back.

Me: Umm, yeah, I'm calling you now...

Him: So do you want me to come fix your drains now?

Me: [looking at the time and figuring I can be late for work, hell it's only the public service..] Sure, now would be ok with me.

Him: Look mate, don't call me and expect me to drop everything to come fix your drains.

Me: [confused] Umm, sure, ok - another time th-

Him: [cutting me off] I'll be there in half an hour. [hangs up]

Me: [talking to a dead phone] ..wha?

Hang on, didn't he offer to come right away? Ok so I'm never at my best at comprehension first thing in the morning but that was a little weird...

* yes, I actually live in a can of beer

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