Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IT stands for "irritating twats"

Why is it that people who work with computers for a living are often the absolute worst when it comes to communicating with the damn things?

I say this fully aware of the irony that I work in IT and very seldom send non-work related email (so those friends who are waiting on email from me and were about to get snarky can consider me well snarked). This is about work. I'm usually sending more than 20 emails a day. Although I reckon only about one in 5 gets read by anyone.

My gripe (today) is that these IT geeks, while having a grasp of Unix or Java of which I could only dimly dream (and makes fetching bespectacled nerdettes swoon (also dimly, in their dreams (those of the nerds, not the imaginary nerdettes (yes, I'll quit with the brackets now)))), seem entirely incapable of grasping the operation of a keyboard and formulation of grammatically correct English.

Proof of which I offer hereforth (or fifth (ok, ok, no more brackets (or stupid jokes))). These are requests for informations sent by a developer today. At least I think they were requests - it was hard to tell given the complete lack of question marks. Or punctuation.


Atempt to transmit the attached file (has been format for display) results in the following eror.
Spec's for childAgeType shows UN as valid.
Could you have look and let me konw why the errors occurring.

*teeth grinding at abuse of apostrophes*

And then:


Whoa dude, no need to shout...

Followed by:

here a list of changes\rules made
Is there a nother docu that says "both DoB and Age can be left blank if a selection is made from AgeExtra"

At least he got a bit of that right. Hang on, that's me he's quoting...


Should not it be the other way around. Every developers testing one be changed and advised of live change 1 week later (Unless extend for bug fixes)

Actually, I haven't responded to that one yet. Because I have no idea what he's getting at.

I give up. Communicating with fish was easier than dealing with this bunch.

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