Tuesday, December 19, 2006

talk talk

I've been a bit distracted lately, what with the new job and jumping out of planes and crap. And f*@#king Xmas.

In lieu of a real post here's a short exhange I had with a mate from work; now sadly fled to the welcoming shores of Sweden. Which cuts the number of people I actually like at work in half...

FB: [discussing work] Any reason you can think of why these guys' ID would come through like that? Or even any interest?
EF: Sorcery.
FB: Right, we should redraw that pentagram and sacrifice a chicken. Or perhaps a virgin...
EF: The only virgins I see are ugly. Is that important?
FB: Ugly is good. Death's a blessed relief for them.. And us. Make a list, we'll work through it.

Will post more over Xmas when I'm at my folks' place. Coz there's bugger-all else to do there.

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