Monday, January 09, 2006

fishboy's year recap (late as always)

Instead of rounding up my achievements for 2005 (which, let's face it, wouldn't make for a very long post) I'm going to list the things I've managed not to do in the last year:

  • I managed not to die skydiving. I'll be giving the grim reaper another chance this month hopefully... Geronimo!
  • I haven't gotten a job I like, but on the plus side I managed to not kill anyone I work with all year. Despite grievous provocation...
  • I didn't bash any wogs.
  • Nor did I pay to use the cross-city tunnel.
  • I wasn't arrested on sedition charges for calling John Howard a lying spineless manipulative cunt. I'll keep trying on that one, maybe if I painted it on the Sydney Opera House...
  • I triumphed at not growing any tomato plants (if this were an achievement list I'd add that I succeeded in growing a garden full of healthy happy snails and lush weeds)
  • I didn't break any body parts at karate all year, not for lack of effort by certain 4th Dan black belts.
  • I didn't manage to see very many movies I liked, and didn't manage to like many of the movies I saw this year.
  • I didn't win the struggle to bring my book-buying compulsion under control.. I also didn't manage to buy enough bookcases for all the new acquisitions.
  • I didn't get pulled over by the police during the (lengthy) time I didn't have a valid drivers' license. Come to think of it, I still don't have a drivers' license..
  • I didn't get eaten by sharks on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • I'm a winner in the not-getting-any-more-exercise-than-I'm-forced-to stakes. And the not-using-my-gym-membership-since-the-first-month game too.
  • I was a thumping success at not blogging very much.
  • Similarly I've been an absolute master at not sending email or letters.
There are too damn many things I've not done this year.
I'd better stop there before I get morose at how crap I am and end up not posting this.

Addendum: So far this year I've been superb at not actually publishing the posts I've written. Will try harder to hit the right button in future.

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